Zoo “Ezerlejas” is located in a beautiful area in Vidzeme region.

Visitors have the opportunity to see different exotic and local birds and animals. Feeding miniature goats, fallow deers, mouflons, marmots, rabbits and sheep of various breeds will be an interesting adventure for everyone. Coati, fox, raccoon, mangalicas, as well as birds of different breeds and colours are also waiting for visitors.

Each year, the collection of birds and animals is being updated to make our guests happy to come back and see something new.

After visiting the zoo, guests can visit our shop to buy souvenirs or some snacks, produce from our farm (depending on the season's offer) or some nice things from the natural cosmetics line belonging to the farm. 

During the summer season, tasting of our produce is possible (depending on the current offer).

Excursion around the territory

4 EUR - from adult

2 EUR - from the pupil (from 7 to 18 years old)

2 EUR - from the pensioner (np 65 years old)

For groups under 10 people (if you want a guide service) + 20 EUR

For groups over 10 people (if you want a guide service) + 10 EUR

Special groups (kindergarten children, special schools, boarding houses) for excursion - 10 EUR per group (if you want guide service + 10 EUR)

Excursion times

From 1st of May to 31st of October: 10.00 – 18.00

October month must be booked at least a day in advance!

Outside of working hours – visit by appointment


  • Do not run, do not shout and unfair to the rest of the noise that repels animals! The quieter you will be, the more you see!
  •  Follow the instructions!
  •  Does not include cages, volleyers, hangers and do not go there!!
  •  Do not feed animals without permission!
  •  Leave your animals home or in your car! This also applies to small lap dogs!
  •  All zoo inhabitants have zebras or beaks - guards hands and eyes!
  •  Adults! Look at the smaller! We have plenty of water around!
  • Freedom through our area walking birds and animals is prohibited to take a lap!
  • Respect other visitors and our work!

Thanks everyone for understanding!