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Natural cosmetic

Since 2010 we are offering cosmetics made in Latvia from natural materials. We’ve opened one shop in Valmiera, Rīgas street 32, named „Evita” and another in Cēsis, Raunas street 9a. We have a wide range of cosmetics for body, hair, bath and shower. Either a lady, a man or a child - everyone can find something suitable. Our motto is: ”Pamper yourself and your friends!”. We offer to buy a line of cosmetics Ceano Cosmetics, produced in Latvia, which is already known and favorite also abroad, as well as the new cosmetic line Evita Cosmetics. In our shops you will get help from our kind sales staff and they will help you to choose the exact product for you. Every month each purchase over 10Ls is participating in a lotery and all Evitas have 10% discount for their purchases. Also you will get a 10% discount on every purchase in our shops on your birthday!

We’re offering to purchase soap and you can choose from around 90 scents and put your own logo on them. And what is the best that all this is for reasonable prices!

If you want to purchase our cosmetics, but there is a problem getting to our shops, you can write to our e-mail and we can send it to your door (purchase price + postage).

You can also purchase „Ezerlejas” production from pheasants, ostriches and fallow deer.

A wide variety of aroma salt and sugar scrubs will not only refine your skin from old cells, but will improve your blood circulation. Included grape seed oil and glycerin will make your skin soft and smooth. You may use it when going to bath house.

Creamy shampoo will gently clean your hair and will give it great shine and aroma. It will make hair styling easier. Does not contain parabens. Shampoo contains hair conditioner and active additives, which cleans gently. Provitamin B5 will make your hair more elastic.

Moisturizing liquid soap cleans your skin gently and gives nice aroma. You may use it on any type of skin – especially for dry skin. We suggest to use it for manicure and pedicure. Does not contain parabens. Liquid contains conditioner which will moisture and calm your skin. It also contains aloe which has bactericidal and cleaning effect. Provitamin B5 (the vitamin of youth) will make your skin elastic and soft.

Nourishing multivitamin cream is for any type of skin – you can even use it after water procedures. It gives body awesome aroma. This cream is full of grape seed oil and butter, it moistures and tones your skin, protecting it from early ageing.

Light moisturizing texture milk is made for any type of skin – you can even use it after water procedures. It gives body awesome aroma. It moistures and tones your skin, your skin will get gentle, smooth and soft.

Ultra-light multivitamin yogurt is made for any type of skin – even after water procedures. Moistures, make smooth and protects your skin from early aging. Makes your skin tone better and normalizes pH level and hydrolipid balance. Your skin will get gentle, smooth and soft.

Shower gel is made for any type of skin. Gel will moistuer and calm down your skin because of natural additives: betaine from sugar beets, aloe vera extract and vitamin B5.

Slightly scented body butter is ideal for body massage, as well as for everyday use after bath or shower. The constituent cocoa butter will nourish and protect your skin from harmful influence of the environment. Shea butter will greatly moisturise and regenerate your skin, but grape seed oil will make it soft and smooth.

Bubble-balls will allow you to relax after a long workday. A wide range of colors and aroma bubble-balls will make good aroma and a lot of bubbles. Oil and fruit particles will clean and moisture your skin. There are bubble-balls for kids with surprise!

Oily salt scrub is made for any type of skin. After using this scrub you won’t need to use nourishing body cream. Natural abrasive particles gently clean your skin, tone and stimulate its recovery.

Anti-cellulite salt scrub is 100% natural product. Made for any type of skin. Using this scrub will prevent cellulite and natural abrasive particles will stimulate skin recovery. Gives your skin fresh and bitter citrus aroma. Grape seed and JoJoba oil and butter is nourishing and moisturing your skin, making it gentle, soft and smooth, ginger makes your skin stronger.

Aromatic water is made for any type of skin. It is obtained by distillation. It contains essential oil which is full of natural and active components. It cleans, freshens, tones and saves skin beauty. Acts as a powerful antioxidant, stimulates microcirculation, protects skin from early ageing. We suggest to use it as tonic and cosmetic cleaner. Perfectly refreshes skin in hot weather. Comes with rose, green tea, cornflower and lavander aroma.

Face cream with multivitamins will make your skin look younger. Vitamin complex and grape oil are working as powerful antioxidant and make your skin look younger. You can get it with aloe vera extract with butter, JoJoba oil, B5, C and E vitamins. For normal skin – cream is with chamomile extract, almond and grape seed oils. For oily skin – apple cider aroma, calendula and aloe vera extracts, natural betaine from sugar beets and panthenol.

Milk-Spa is the only body care product which is produced from milk whey. Milk whey stabilize acid-alkaline balance. Doesn’t dry your skin. Your skin will be clean and incredibly soft and gentle. Stimulates epithelial cells and fibrobalst sharing, giving Your a younger look. Contains antibacterial substances – lysozyme, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. Available: shower soap, bath soap, hand soap, intimate soap.

Essential oil is 100% natural producēt.We advise to use it in bath house, bath etc. You can add it to laundry, floor wash water, in irons, floating candles. Available aromas: grapefruit, lemon grass, mint.

Soap is made from high-quality and natural ingredients with good aroma and they clean your skin gently. Enriched with plant oils, moisturizing and nourishing cream and a variety of plant particles. Good to use for all skin types. Available different form and size soaps – child soap comes with surprise!

Dry shampoo is more like soap which will clean your hair carefuly and will make easier to brush your hair. Does not contain parabens. Very comfortable for trips.

Lip balm contains butter, which nourishes and moisturizes your lips.

Bath creams have health treatment qualities because of their 4 essential oils and herbs.

Massage oil is a natural product which dos not include dyes and preservatives. Gentle and light oil is ment for massage. You need to apply thin layer of oil when massaging, the skin will absorbe it and will not leave oily stains on clothes.

Bath milks include vitamins, minerals, corn starch and protein, have great aroma and soften your skin. Milk has cleaner and protector quality. Bath with this milk will calm you down and give you a positive charge.

Bath salt includes salt from The Dead Sea and it will improve blood circulation and will neutralize toxins in your skin.

Gentle and cleaning shower mousse foam can be used by any skin type. They have wonderful, airy texture. Foam cleans, massages and tones your skin. They peel off your dry skin cells, making your skin smooth and fresh. They stimulate skin cell regeneration. It includes salt – that’s why it feels like a mop.

Moisturizing body gel with vitamin B5 quickly hydrates your skin. Ultra-light gel will highlight the golden tan color of your skin. Skin will quickly absorb gel without leaving oily traces.

Cream is made for any type of skin. Speacialy for dry and sensitive skin. Hydrate and soften hand skin, brittle nails and cuticles. Improves hand skin and nail recovery, makes better balance. Available: Moisturizing hand cream with avocado and coconut oil, aloe vera extract;
• Hand protective cream with mango butter, chamomile and marigold extracts;
• Nourishing hand cream with butter, macademia, mustard and Abyssinian oils.

Light, airy foam in a handy packing for gentle face wash. Gently removes grime, cleanses pores. Panthenol, fruit sugar and a complex of skin-like moisture retaining components facilitate renewing of skin’s natural moisture balance.

We offer opportunity to make soap with your logo – minimum is 100 pieces. You can check aromas in our shops.